Business to business - and no funny business

Everyone expects the World Wide Web to be full of sites that make rich use of new technology. But how many actually use the richness of that technology to enrich the mind, or better still, the site owner's pocket?

For many designers building a web site is simply another chance to showcase their prowess with last year's graphic technology. But all they prove is that knowing your way around IT is not the same as knowing how to make IT work. And we mean work.

After all, a business web site should showcase the business, not the designer.

And business has rules. The first is that when you spend to send a message, a message comes across - preferably, a powerful and persuasive one.

Getting the message is the starting point for Mediachrome.

First, understanding the basic proposition and writing it up large and clear. Second, ensuring that the intended audience actually gets the message. That is about site structure and navigation, and it's what good web design means. None of this has anything to do with appearance. A tree needs a trunk and branches before it can can grow leaves and blossom.

This is the planning. Next comes the construction - and with construction comes standards. Which is why Mediachrome insists on the standards of the W3C*.

These are the standards that make the Internet work. They are also the very same standards that make Mediachrome sites stand out from the herd. Unfortunately, they are standards far too few web designers ever recognise.

The next page reveals just some of the difference, and the very important reasons why you should make it your business to know about these things before your business spends any money on a web site.

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* W3C stands for the World Wide Web Consortium.