Standards: does your web site match up?

Let's face it, the web was never designed to look the way we expect today. So for years, web designers used all sorts of tricks and hacks to make pages look funky, and then a second set of tricks and hacks to make the first set work in the main browsers.

The result?

‘Loading...’ Or what we at Mediachrome like to call 'gif city' - dozens of little boxes slowly filling up with pictures of buttons. Instead of content, we get pictures of content. Worse still, those pages don't work well for search engines, PDAs, mobile phones or screen readers because they can't find the content...

Web designers may not have moved on, but the building standards have, and Mediachrome with them.

The W3C says the page should contain the content and a stylesheet dictate the appearance. Want to change the look of your site? Don't touch the pages, just change the stylesheet. At Mediachrome that's the way we work, even if it means coding your pages by hand.

The result?

Pages which routinely load in a third of the time: pages which are easily accessible to search engines, PDAs and phones, and pages which conform to the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.

And if that doesn't convince you, try this...

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