The killer virus killers

With viruses circulating in epidemic proportions, most corporate networks now have firewalls which strip out elements such as Java applets and Javascript which can be exploited by the unscruplous to gain access. Even smaller companies have been forced to resort to such measures. And in an effort to keep themselves and their customers virus free, every responsible business will soon have such protection in place.

And what does all that mean to you?

It means your flagship web site may not be accessible to thousands of potential customers. Because if your site has been constructed in an everyday web editing program, the chances are that it will rely on Java or Javascript to make just about every function work. And no scripts means no site. It's as simple as that.

The good news is that none of this affects Mediachrome web sites.

Our sites are now drafted in strict W3C code. And that passes through even the toughest firewall. It might take longer to do, but the payback more than makes the effort worthwhile. All Mediachrome sites can be viewed as designed on even the most sensitive corporate networks, which is very, very good news for a business site.

It's all about understanding.